MMD Group

Since 2010, Mena Medical Development – (offshore) SAL has been a trusted and reliable company for representing Medical Equipment and Supplies in the Middle East and North African region. We specialize in the marketing and distribution of medical equipment. We ensure access to verified worldwide suppliers and credible distributors in the MENA Region. With our well-designed system and professional staff, we serve our clients to their satisfaction.

Capitalizing on our experience in biomedical engineering, strategic marketing, and direct sales of top-notch brands in the medical field, MEDMARKIT S.A.L was created in 2019. MEDMARKIT is a medical content creator company under MMD Group that delivers custom visual content (for example, 2D/3D animation, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) for healthcare and medical equipment manufacturing companies.

Today we stand as MMD Group, having 3 locations in Lebanon, Turkey, and UAE, with a bigger ambition for a brighter future hiding more success.